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#1 VENTURE SPARK | 24 January, 2024

Time: 6 - 9 PM Location: The Urban Office, Summer Point, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 18:00 Arrive and Mingle ​18:30 Welcome Remarks ​18:40 Panel Session: Overcoming Challenges When Starting Ventures and Securing Capital - ​Understanding investor expectations - ​Building an effective pitch - ​Nurturing a healthy investor-founder relationship - ​Adapting to market trends - Success stories and lessons ​19:30 Speaking Session: Around the World in 15 mins; Growth Trends ​19:45 Closing Remarks and Group Photo ​20:00 Networking ​This event contains a curated guest list, your RSVP will be confirmed closer to the event.

#1 DEMO DAY | 16 November, 2023

Time: 6 - 7 PM Location: ONLINE Witness the future of innovation! Don't miss the chance to be a part of our exciting Online Demo Day, where four promising startups will pitch their groundbreaking ideas to potential investors. ​Startup 1: 🇮🇩 ​Indonesia | Battery, EV, Extraction Technology ​This company is based in Indonesia and the United States, developing a novel technology to extract nickel and cobalt in a greener, safer, and cost-effective manner. The end product is the highest quality nickel and cobalt sulfate for batteries and electrolyzers. Key customers are battery manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Umicore, and Panasonic, along with small to medium-sized miners in Indonesia. But to start, the company will target the electroplating industry, which uses nickel on a smaller scale. The company already has an LOI from a Korean distributor to enter the Korean market. The team is composed of highly experienced people in the metallurgy and battery industry. The founders graduated from prestigious universities, such as UC Berkeley, Cornell University, and KAIST, and have experience working in top-tier companies, such as Hyundai, Samsung, and Merck Germany. ​Startup 2: 🇹🇭 ​Thailand | SaaS, CRM ​A cloud-based omnichannel CRM and contact center SaaS that helps businesses digitize and increase customer satisfaction. The platform supports all major channels, including phone, SMS, Line, WhatsApp, Shopee, etc., and is powered by AI-powered chatbots for automated customer support and lead generation. ​The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for omnichannel CRM and contact center solutions in Southeast Asia. The company has a strong first-mover advantage in Myanmar and is rapidly scaling in Thailand. Their AI-powered chatbots are a key differentiator, as they enable businesses to automate customer-facing tasks and improve efficiency. With a TAM of USD 150 billion and partnerships with top telcos, the company has a significant growth potential. Additionally, the company is in a high exit potential sector, making it an attractive investment opportunity. ​Startup 3: 🇵🇭 ​Philippines | Hospitality & Travel ​The company is the Philippines's leading online management service for non-branded hotels. Their services have proven to increase the online sales of its clients by at least 30% within 3 to 6 months, using its proprietary solutions such as revenue management, digital marketing, and channel management. In exchange, the company takes a percentage of a hotel’s online booking revenue. Currently, they are managing over 170 hotels across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, with more than 7M USD of booking revenue since inception and 5M USD of booking revenue generated in the last 7 months of 2023. The company has sustained a 95% retention rate with hotel partners and increased its online sales by at least 30% within 3-6 months. ​The company is led by experienced founders with over co-Founder and COOs are seasoned hoteliers being lead executives from well-known chains such as Sheraton, Marriott, IHG, and Accor. Their CEO is a finance executive who has led the accounting team at JPMorgan Chase and their CTO, is a seasoned tech lead with global experience. ​Startup 4: 🇻🇳 ​Vietnam | Fintech ​The company was founded by ex-CEO and CTO of Lotte HPT with over 10 years of experience in trading system development for Vietnamese and South Korean security firms. It is one of the first AI-enabled social investing platforms with virtual and live stock trading features in Southeast Asia. In just an 11-month period, it has amassed over 3,500 users and USD 14 million in transactions. ​The company started out by developing trading solutions for some of Vietnam's top security companies, such as Viet Capital Securities (VCSC), Korea Investment & Securities Vietnam (KISV), KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV), Mirae Asset Securities Vietnam (MASV), and NH Securities Vietnam (NHSV). It is also a partner of PwC Consulting, one of the global Big 4 consulting firms, as a solutions partner. ​In November 2022, the company launched their own community-based investment platform (B2B2C) to serve the growing Vietnamese retail investors. Paave has over 3,500 users and has achieved $14M in cumulative transaction values. (CMGR 138%) ​Startup 5: 🇸🇬 ​Singapore | AI ​The company specializes in action-oriented autonomous AI agents (AI “employees”) for enterprises. They aim to build a network of multi-model AI agents that autonomously collaborate, coordinate, or compete, while performing 80% of an employee’s tasks, at 10% of the cost, delivering measurable ROI. ​The company has already secured 5 paid proof-of-concepts (POCs) with a total annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $100,000, and has over 12,000 customers on its waiting list. This is remarkable considering that the company has only been operating for 6 months, and is very uncommon for startups in the R&D stage. ​The company is led by a team of experienced AI developers, data scientists, and accomplished business leaders from Techstars, IBM, AWS, Deutsche, and Merril Lynch. The company's CEO has had 2 previous exits and has raised over $100 million in funding.
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