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Startup Fundraising: How Angel Syndicates Help Founders

So you've got a startup idea you want to get funded and you're wondering how to make that happen. Have you considered pitching an angel syndicate? As a founder, working with a syndicate can be a game changer. Angel syndicates are groups of angel investors who pool their money and expertise to invest in startups. For you, it means gaining access to significantly more funding from a single pitch. It also means tapping into the collective wisdom and experience of the group.

What Is an Angel Syndicate?

An angel syndicate is a group of angel investors who pool their money and expertise to invest in startups. For investors, the benefits are huge. You get to diversify your portfolio by investing smaller amounts in more companies. You also gain valuable insight from other experienced investors in the group.

For startups, syndicates are a dream come true. Instead of pitching to investors one by one, you can get funding from an entire group at once. Syndicates also offer mentoring and advice to help you succeed. Some well-known angel groups invest millions each year in startups.

To find an angel syndicate in Southeast Asia, start with A2D Ventures. Then pitch to the group either in person or through their online process. Be prepared for lots of questions. If there’s interest, the group will work with you on a term sheet and potentially invest or make an offer.

The key is finding the right match. Look for groups with expertise in your field and a good track record of success. While the money is important, the right angel syndicate can do more than just provide funding. They offer startups valuable guidance and connections to help skyrocket growth.

How Angel Syndicates Help Founders Raise Funding

As a founder, raising funding for your startup can be challenging. Angel syndicates help make this process easier by pooling together groups of angel investors. Here are some of the main benefits angel syndicates offer founders:

Access to More Investors

Instead of pitching to investors one by one, you can pitch to an entire group at once. This allows you to raise more money in less time. Syndicates also often have strong networks, so they may be able to connect you with other interested investors outside their group.


Receiving an investment from an established angel syndicate gives your startup more credibility. Other investors will see the syndicate’s stamp of approval as a good sign. This can help you raise additional funding and attract key hires.


Angel syndicates are made up of experienced investors who can offer guidance and advice. They’ve likely invested in and mentored other startups in your industry, so they understand your challenges and opportunities. They can help connect you with strategic partners, new customers, and mentors.

Better Terms

With more investors interested, you have more negotiating power. This means you may be able to get a higher valuation and secure better terms that are more founder-friendly. The syndicate can also help ensure your terms are in line with industry standards.

In summary, angel syndicates provide founders with access to funding, credibility, expertise, and negotiating leverage. While giving up some equity and control can be difficult, the benefits of working with an angel syndicate often far outweigh the costs for early-stage startups. With the right partner, an angel syndicate can be a founder's best ally in the fundraising process.

So there you have it. As a founder, you get access to more funding and expertise to help your business grow.

The next time you're raising capital for your startup, consider an angel syndicate. They provide a path for individual investors to support innovation on a bigger scale and for founders to find the funding they need to turn their vision into reality. Angel investing is all about believing in the impossible - and with syndicates like A2D Ventures, we can make the impossible happen together.

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